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Storytellers -What are we?

We are enthusiasts who enjoy telling or listening to stories.
We love folk tales, urban myths, tall stories, anecdotes, and monologues.
We focus on oral telling rather than reading or singing, though of course either may contribute to a tale.
We welcome anyone who would like to join us, either as a listener or a storyteller.

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Where can you find us?

We meet on the last Monday of each month at the Mason’s Arms in Bodmin at 8 pm and The fourth Thursday in the Liskerett Centre , Liskeard

If you know of a group or venue such as Youth Club, Community Centre  etc. that would like to host one of our meetings then get in touch; better still, come along to one of our meetings, Be assured – its great fun.

You can expect a great evening of traditional and modern stories from complete beginners wanting to have a go to some of the greatest storytellers in this part of the known world.

For all those old enough to buy a drink we ask (not demand) a contribution of £1.

What is Storytelling

Let’s start by saying that storytelling is not just for children. That is entirely a 19th century Western misconception! As with any art form, some pieces are for children, but more are for adults.

Yet, oral storytelling is the oldest art form. It’s scope is huge.

At one extreme are fireside tales told within the family, clan or tribe. They were and are told for entertainment, education, cultural preservation and to instill moral values. This is a process that occurs in the open, in tents, or in cottages all round the world.

At the other extreme are epic tales of historical or mythical figures that underpin national culture and identity. These tales are equally at home under the stars around a fire, or in the halls of the mighty.

Sadly in the West we have largely forgotten the joy of storytelling.

However, in the last 25 years a revival in storytelling of all forms has taken place – especially of telling for adults. Storytelling clubs and festivals have become established across the country. A lost art has been rediscovered, and is there for all.

Come along to Strong Words and or The Liskeard Storytelling Cafe  – There we will take you on amazing journeys of the mind, but we will always bring you safely home again.