Michael Harvey - Dec 3rd

December 03, 2020

I tell stories from the world’s oral traditions to all ages. My repertoire is based in Wales and the other Celtic countries but I can’t resist a good story, wherever it’s from.

I work in community settings, in schools, in theatres, festivals, libraries, village halls, pubs, museums and galleries. I sometimes work solo and sometimes in collaboration with other artists and production companies. I train storytellers and those who want to become storytellers and I train teachers to use storytelling as a powerful tool for literacy and second language acquisition.

My work is rooted in Wales but I find myself working throughout the UK and frequently in festivals abroad and in collaboration with other European artists. I collaborate with other performers from a variety of discliplines and countries to create new groundbreaking work for a range of audiences. Most of my work is in either Welsh or English, although I have occasionally told in French and Portuguese as well.

I love the immediacy of storytelling and the recognition by people of all ages and backgrounds that these stories are for them and about them, no matter how strange or magical they may seem. I am committed to pushing what storytelling can do on stage and I have been commissioned to create pieces for a number of leading festivals and theatres. In 2011 I won a Major Creative Wales Award which led me on to a series of storytelling adventures which you can find more about in these pages.

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Come All Ye! - Dec 17th.

December 17, 2020

An Open Mic evening! - Join us as a teller or a listener.